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Our Meat

Good meat comes from Butchers who source and select their meat carefully and here at Tip Top Wholesale Butchers, that’s exactly what we do. We buy only from trusted suppliers and demand only the best quality.

We stock a very large selection of produce such as AACO  Wagyu, CAAB (Certified Australian Angus Beef), Angus Pure (Grass Fed ), Great Southern MSA and lots more. We produce a range of Gourmet Burgers & Sausages including a Certified Australian Angus Beef Burger known as the CAAB Burger.

We wholesale Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Beef, Pork, Veal, Game Product and Frozen Seafood.

Cryovac® Packing Process

Cryovac® is the brand name of a type of superior packaging technology that allows fresh goods to be kept fresher for longer. Depending when you plan to eat your meat you can choose to keep products in the fridge for a longer period of time and can avoid freezing your meat (which we believe affects the taste and tenderness). At Tip Top Butchers we choose to package our Meat products in Cryovac® for your convenience.

There are some effects of using Cryovac® packaging, but we believe these are far outweighed by the advantages. Specifically, the meat will change to a darker red colour while in the packaging due to the lack of exposure to oxygen. The meat will also sweat while in the packaging and this can result in an unpleasant smell when you first open the packaging (this is not an indication of the freshness of the meat). To overcome both of these effects, all you need to do is when you're ready to eat your meat, simply remove it from the packaging and leave it out for 10-15 minutes. When out of the packaging and exposed to oxygen again the meat will return to the usual red colour. Once you've removed the meat, simply rinse out the bag and throw it in the bin and the smell will disappear too.

Food Vacuum Sealers are extremely versatile and handy appliances to own, both in domestic and commercial environments. The main purpose of food vacuum sealers is to remove the oxygen from the food in the Cryovac® bag, which preserves the food contents longer. Oxygen is one of the main reasons why food spoils, because mould and bacteria thrive when there’s oxygen in their environment. The growth of mould and bacteria is significantly slowed down when the oxygen is removed.

So how do food vacuum sealers work? Firstly, a Cryovac® bag (also known as food vacuum bags, Cryovac® bags, vacuum packaging bags) with the food contents inside it is placed into the food vacuum machine and the air is removed from the bag. During this process, no other air is able to enter the bag.  Once the air is removed from the Cryovac® bag, the bag is sealed. The bag needs to be sealed very securely to remain closed and air unable to enter. A heated area seals the plastic closed by melting it slightly, providing a very strong seal which can only be opened by cutting the bag.

Advantages of using a food vacuum sealer is obviously the reduced wastage of food. Food can be purchased and stored for a lot longer than if they are not vacuum sealed. Buying in bulk is a great way to save time and money, as the food can simply be vacuum sealed and stored away for future use.  Meat keeps better in the freezer as sealed meat prevents freezer burn, which happens when there is air in the meat’s packaging. Marinating food is also another time saving use for the vacuum sealer – because the air is removed from the meat, the marinade can penetrate the meat quicker and doesn’t need to be left to marinate for hours or overnight. Leftovers and large portions of meals can be sealed and frozen for later use – what family couldn’t use that to help out at dinner time!

Food vacuum sealers are great for keeping your food fresh for longer, reducing household food waste and preserving vitamins, minerals, colour and flavour.


Q: What is Vacuum Packaging?

A: The process of removing air around a food product and then sealing that product in an impermeable package.

Q: Why Vacuum Package?

A: To extend shelf life of any fresh perishable product by 3 to 5 times is normal refrigerated life.

Q: How is shelf life extended under Vacuum?

A: Removing the air that surrounds food inhibits growth of bacteria, mould and yeast, because these and other spoilage micro-organisms need oxygen to grow. Once moist air is removed and the pouch is sealed, oxygen levels continue to drop where carbon dioxide levels increase. The low oxygen, high carbon dioxide environment significantly reduces the growth of normal spoilage organisms, allowing longer shelf life.

Q: Do Vacuum Packaged products still need to be refrigerated?

A: Yes. Some organisms are resistant to high carbon dioxide levels. Their growth is slowed at lower temperatures.

Q: Who should Vacuum Package?

A: Anyone, who buys, sells, transports or stores perishable food products.

Q: What are some special advantages of Vacuum Packaging?

A: Some of the advantages include:

  1. Vacuum Packaging allows for money saving quantity buying. Products such as cheese, continental small goods, fish, bacon, coffee and nuts, processed meats and many other food items may be bought in bulk at a lower price and then pre-packaged by either a central warehouse or in each supermarket or restaurant outlet.
  2. Vacuum packaging reduces product shrinkage. There is no moisture loss or evaporation in a sealed vacuum bag. Therefore, the weight you package will be the weight you sell.
  3. Vacuum packaging reduces trim losses by eliminating oxidation and freezer burn.
  4. Vacuum packaging can enhance product quality. Vacuum packaged meat held at 0° to 1°C does not hinder “aging” or tenderising.
  5. Vacuum packaging allows more efficient use of time. Food can be prepared in advance without loss of freshness, so slack times are more productive and busy times are more manageable.

Perishable foods must be refrigerated.