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The Plant

Unrivalled Facilities and Quality Guarantee

We’re proud to say our facilities are the best you’ll find in Victoria Within our 5500 sq m facility we can store over 280 pallets of goods under refrigeration plus another 280 pallets in each of our two expansive walk in freezer rooms.

All rooms are carefully temperature controlled via state of the art computer systems and all loading and unloading of goods is conducted within this temperature controlled zone. This guarantees the freshness, safety and longevity of all our goods.

We are also HACCP Certified which means our systems of handling, storing and transporting our meat products meet strict health requirements at all times. Equipment We use only the world’s best equipment to process and package our meat. This includes our German quality Sausage making machine and State of the art Vacuum sealing machine which provides a superior seal for longer shelf life under ordinary refrigeration. Meat Safety For added safety and to meet strict Food Safety regulations, meat samples tested daily in our laboratory for microbial contamination.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re extremely proud of our facilities and you are more than welcome to tour our plant and observe our staff and systems at work. Just be prepared, it gets a little chilly in there. If you would like to organise an informative guided tour of our facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.