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Wholesale Meat Customers

As one of Victoria's leading Meat Wholesalers, Tip Top Butchers have been supplying to Melbourne Hotels, Restaurants, cafes, food caterers and other businesses in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and the general community for over 45 years.

Why Order From Us?

Our large processing & storage facilities combined with fresh supplies arriving daily means we're bound to have everything you need for your menu or catering event.

In addition, ordering from us is easy.

All you have to do is email us your requirements and we'll take it from there. All orders received before 3.00 pm Mondays - Thursdays will be delivered the next day.

All meat supplies are loaded within our temperature controlled facility, transported in HACCP approved vehicles and delivered to your premises by our own team of trusted drivers.

This means the freshness and safety of all your orders is guaranteed.

In fact - You have our word on that.

Best of all, your supplies are all individually packaged, labelled and vacuum sealed which means less handling and repackaging is needed at your end.

Portion Control meat for restaurants

Portion control is essential to provide accurate costing for restaurants. Chefs can do accurate menu costing’s and have no waist at all.

Our focus is on exacting portion control with the investment of a $500,000 Machine that allows us to cut to weights within 2-3 grams. This allows our customers to get the most from our meat.

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